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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

This meditation is designed to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You don’t have to do anything but allow yourself to have this time.

After scrolling through Blissful Inner Peace, The Healing Temple, which reminded me of The Hearing Trumpet, and Freedom from Unconscious Fear, I settle on a meditation to rejuvenate me and help me gain energy for Study, Concentration and Awareness.

Sit or lay down somewhere comfortable making sure you won’t be disturbed for the duration of this recording.

I lay down, palms towards the ground as I remember my friends have told me you have to, so you connect with the ground. Or maybe they should have been up so you connect with something else…

We’ll begin this journey to peace with some gentle breathing. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold for five seconds and release slowly through the mouth.

I allow my body to sink into my mattress as I start breathing. I remember to tell myself that I am not supposed to fall asleep as I did that one time during a guided meditation. I was exposed when we were given a task at the end and I was the only one still in embryo pose, napping.

Don’t struggle to hold your breath, just do what you can to feel relaxed.

If someone’s struggling to hold their breath for five seconds, they should probably go see a doctor. I try to ignore my sarcastic thoughts and concentrate instead.

In for four, hold for five, release slowly.

Inhale, hold, release.

Notice your whole body starting to relax as you breathe this way.

Birds start chirping over the low ambient music.

Imagine yourself sitting or lying in a beautiful garden.

I am in a beautiful garden full of trees. I am in my favourite forest. The ambient music and the birds are accompanied by the sound of a little stream. I am… the kitchen door squeaks open and I hear my flatmate flip-flop to his room down the hall. I focus on the birds and continue my journey to relaxation.

You are wearing light, airy clothing which are extremely comfortable.

I’m actually wearing pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt. They are quire airy though. I tell myself to stop trying to pick a fight with the meditation man.

The weather is perfect.

A cloudless sky sits above you with just a very light haze, you can feel the wonderful sensation of the sun’s heat, wrapping you gently, like a warm blanket.

A warm sensation runs through my body.

Notice how relaxed and at ease it makes you feel.

I try to relax but I have the uncanny feeling that someone is watching me.

The tiniest movement of air dances against your bare skin.

I have the feeling something is hovering over me.

It barely qualifies as a breeze but it is just enough to keep you at the perfect temperature.

As I do not feel anyone’s touch I allow myself to relax. I sink further into my mattress and remind myself that it cannot swallow me.

The only sound you can hear is the pipe of bird song all around you and the trickle of water from the natural stream nearby.

I have been able to hear them for a while, but that is beside the point.

It is so peaceful, so relaxing, to just be… to allow yourself the opportunity to just sit or lay there with no agenda… nowhere else to be… nothing else to do.

I open my eyes in the forest. The sun comes through the tree leaves and creates a perfect dappled shade.

It’s just you, enjoying a wonderful moment with nature.

Allow nature to look after you.

Feel its wonderful warmth embracing your wuh-hole being.

It could have been easier to stay focused if my guide through this meditation did not accentuate his words so weirdly.

Smell the sweet delicate scent of the flowers all around you, uplifting your mood, raising your vibration.

My friend who is into meditations told me about vibrations a couple of months ago. I do not remember much.

Feel the rich oxygen from all the green plants and trees filling your lungs, cleansing and renewing you from the inside. Take a deep breath from this elixir of life and notice how wonderful it makes you feel.

I take a deep breath, but my hay fever and the polluted air do not make it easy on me. I have to rely on my memory to imagine the feeling of fresh air.

Take a moment to ah-preciate how the sun, kissing your bare skin is allowing your ah-mazing

body to produce all the vitamin D it needs, keeping you healthy and safe.

Can’t relate it to real life. But this is very detailed.

Allow yourself to just bathe in a feeling of well-being and complete relaxation.

The deep voice disappears and meditation music starts. Birds are still chirping and water still running. I am in the forest, laying on a bean-bag shaped stack of leaves and looking at the sun come in through the trees. I feel my body turn to air and my meditating being, which is essentially my consciousness, separate from my actual body. I imagine myself levitating over my bed. I imagine myself floating like the body in Paranormal activity. And my soul jumps back into my physical self to make sure it stays put. I try to get back to my happy forest, where I don’t feel any paranoia of the paranormal. A second set of ambient music comes in with its transcendental flare. It is making me feel uneasy. I am now imagining myself touching the cold spring next to me to try and keep my consciousness in the state of total relaxation. There’s a sudden bell.

Now you will begin to gently come out of this meditation.

No! I’m not ready.

Follow my voice as I count up to five.

No, I haven’t meditated for the whole time. Get me back.


It echoes in the distance all around me. The forest shakes from the deepness of the voice, now so intense and overwhelming.

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to begin coming back.

I throw both arms in the stream and grab onto the rocks at the bottom. I feel its numbing cold water against my skin. I don’t want to go back there.


The echo shakes the trees again and the birds disappear.

Start to feel how this beautiful garden has brought healing and peace to your mind and body.

I dump my head in the water in an attempt to ignore what I know is coming.

Three, three, three… Feel refreshed and awake as your mind awakens more.

My hands push me out of the stream. I land in the leaves.


The forest shakes again. It turns into a painted film set. Its walls fall back and I am left alone, in the dark, under the bright light of a projector.

Take another few deep breaths now, allowing your breathing to bring you completely back.

The light turns off.


It is now just me in the dark with the echo of the deep voice.

Eyes open, wide awake.

I can’t open them now

In the next few minutes, you’ll be ready to go about your day, refreshed with energy and with the lightness of heart.

I have the uncanny feeling that someone is watching me.


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