Took part in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe alongside Jonathan Saint-James with the play Liminality. Together, we form a theatre duo called MomaMomus. The play was performed and co-written by me and Jonathan. 



A scholar and an amnesiac find themselves on the shore of the river Styx. The play follows their bizarre attempts at crossing the river and the unlikely friendship that springs from it. Inspired by Theatre of the Absurd, the play occupies its time with discussions about life, existence, history and a myriad of other ludicrous concerns.

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Shot on an Agfa Clack, this set of photographs demonstrate the diversity of landscapes in Bulgaria, showcasing remains of the communist regime, neglected houses. The first shot is especially unique as it integrates in one picture most of the different historical periods in the country.

This is just a couple of improvised Vlogs which contain my own material. Mostly I've been hired for jobs that require quick editing, e.g. creating a promotional video in 1 day or just a few hours (shooting + post production). 

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